Factory information:

Manage Certification: ISO/TS16949, ISO9001
Establish: Year 1995;
Investment: 10, 000, 000USD
Factory Located: Dongqiao Industrial Area, Ningbo, China
Number of Production Lines: 5
Employees: 260
Number of R&D Staff: 15 - 20 People
Number of QC Staff: 30 - 40 People
Main Market: Mainland, North America, Europe
Export Percentage: 91% - 95%
Production Capacity:

Annual production capacity of NdFeB is over 2000 tons
Ferrite is over 6000 tons,
SmCo is over 500 tons,
AlNiCo is over 500 tons,
Magnet Assemblies over 50,000 pcs every month;
Production range:

NdFeB magnet  NdFeB Sintered;  NdFeB Bonded;

SmCo magnet (Sm1Co5, Sm2Co17);

Ferrite magnet (Hard Ferrite or Ceramic Magnet, injection ferrite);

Alnico magnet  Cast AlNiCo;  Sintered AlNiCo;

Flexible rubber magnet; Fridge magnet;

Magnetic Separator; Magnetic Filter; Lifter magnet;

Magnetic Tools: Pot Magnets;

Motor Parts;

Our Products:

NdFeB Sintered

NdFeB Arc and Segment Magnet NdFeB Sphere Magnet NdFeB Ring and Tube Magnet NdFeB Block Magnet NdFeB Disc and Cylinder Magnet Irregular NdFeB Sintered

N30, N33, N35, N38, N40, N42, N48, N50, N52;

N30M, N33M, N35M, N38M, N40M, N42M, N48M, N50M;

N30H, N33H, N35H, N38H, N40H, N42H, N48H, N50H;

N30SH, N33SH, N35SH, N38SH, N40SH, N42SH, N48SH;
N28UH, N30UH, N35UH, N38UH;
N30EH, N33EH, N35EH, N38EH;
N30AH, N33AH;

NdFeB Bonded

Injection Moulding NdFeB Compression Molding NdFeB

Ferrite Magnet or Ceramic Magnet (Hard Ferrite, Ceramic magnet, Injection Ferrite)

Ferrite Arc and Segment Magnet Ferrite Block Magnet Ferrite Ring Magnet Ferrite Disc and Cylinder Magnet Irregular Ferrite Magnet Injection Ferrite

SmCo Magnet (Sm1Co5, Sm2Co17)

SmCo Arc and Segment Magnet SmCo Block Magnet SmCo Ring Magnet SmCo Disc Magnet and Cylinder Magnet Irregular SmCo Magnet Bonded Smco

AlNiCo Magnet

Cast AlNiCo Sintered AlNiCo

Rubber Magnet or Flexible Magnet

Rubber Magnet Strip  Rubber Magnet Sheet  Fridge Magnet

Magnetic Assemblies

Permanent Magnet Lifter Pot Magnet Speakers Assembly Magnet Pickup Tools Magnetic Filter Magnetic Attractor Motor Parts

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