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NdFeB Sphere Magnet or NdFeB Ball magnet is always manufactured via grinding,etc .
Sphere magnets or ball magnets have the following important factors such as ,Diameter etc

Our factory produce and manufacture magnets according to customer design on shape, dimension, grades, coatings etc.

To offer you our price,please kindly let us know the following details :

Magnets grade: from N30-N50, include M, H, SH,UH,EH series, for specific property information you can refer to NdFeB Sintered Properties, NdFeB Sintered Curves
Magnets size : Diameter
Magnetism direction: which direction to oriented The north pole and south pole
Magnets coating: Ni, Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni, Silver, Gold, Passivation, Epoxy Resin, etc. according to your design.
Quantities: More mass order , the price more lower.

  You can check specific shape and other information about NdFeB Sintered you need below:
Ferrite Arc and Segment Magnet , Ferrite Block Magnet , Ferrite Ring Magnet , Ferrite Disc and Cylinder Magnet , Irregular Ferrite Magnet , Ferrite Properties , Ferrite Demagnetization Curves , Ferrite Magnet Manufacturing Flow

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